AUGUST 26, 2002

Well, seems I have some more people to thank for links already. You're all really far too kind. The rest of you who haven't linked, however, are most likely not kind enough. Clearly this is a problem that must be remedied.

Anyway, I'm off to college for the first time in my life this Tuesday, which means a couple things. First off, my entire life structure is about to drastically change to a degree that I am neither prepared for, nor even fully understand. Secondly, and much more importantly for you, I won't be connected to the internet for a couple days to fix anything on the site that may go wrong. So if the comics don't show up or something, I'll fix it in a few days. Until then, you can just pray that no more tragedy will befall your fragile lives.

In other news, the open arms with which the webcomic community has welcomed in MiH has caused a sudden wave of generosity to overwhelm my cold, dead heart. As such, I'm going to take some time now to link a few of the higher quality, lesser known strips that I am aware of.

For the first comic, could I list anything other than Arrogance in Simplicity? I think not. While not being the most aesthetically pleasing strip, it's consistently hilarious and articulate. Not many, if any, comics can make me laugh at such a constant pace. Plus, Caph is a great guy. So go read the comic.

Silly Cone V is so under appreciated that it should be on here twice. Actually, here. Now it is. Clearly that is an endorsement of such magnitude that you can not help but feverishly click on one of the links and then read the archives until your eyes crust over. So do it. The comic is quite good.

And finally, there's Basil Flint, the epic story of a man and his booze and women. Okay, maybe epic is the wrong word. Really wrong. But nonetheless, it is a great strip, very funny, and very well drawn/colored. Why you haven't started reading it yet is mostly likely a mystery that will plague both myself and the scientific community for generations to come.

Alright, that's enough for today.

EDIT: Wait, no it's not. HDTC is back. How 'bout them apples?

AUGUST 19, 2002

First off, to everyone who linked to here for the official launch, thank you very much. As Isaac Brock would say, you're the good things.

Second order of business, I'd also like to take the time to thank everyone who took the time to come and read the comic, as well as explain a little bit about it to those who may be bewildered by the strange and fanciful apparition they see in front of them. Men in Hats is the sophomore comic effort of of me, Aaron Farber, and is the story of several men (in hats) who live in the desert. The comic follows their exploits, usually in one-shot form rather than storylines. If it seems strange and unfunny at first, it's probably because you love it so much that your brain is bewildered by these new levels of emotion. I would suggest that the only solution is more reading.

Oh, and there's already a 2 week archive for you to peruse, so do so now!

I think that's it for now. So tell me what you think.

Edit: Happy birthday Scrubbo!